What is a Sweet Adeline?

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2013 President's Message


Kelly Bailey's view of Sweet Adelines is an inspiration. In the recent Pitch Pipe article, she said, "Singing a cappella harmony in Sweet Adelines.. is NOT a hobby!"


Kelly has been the Executive Director of Sweet Adelines Int'l for less than a year, and didn't come to the job as a singing Sweet Adeline. She goes on to say, "Being a Sweet Adeline is a lifelong passion - a physical demonstration of true grit and determination. From my seat, being a member is a blood, sweat and tears triathlon of purpose and drive to perfect the human voice, in hopes of achieving an overtone that lasts forever."   Her perspective is fresh, and how exciting that it reflects what we really know to be true. We strive for excellence, and not just a happy tune on a Thursday night. Just describing our day-to-day effort this way breathes new life in what we do each week. Thank you, Kelly.


When was the last time someone handed you the opportunity to do something extraordinary and you were so excited you couldn't stand it?  Ordinary people can be extraordinary!   I'm looking forward to the priviledge of singing with you at contest as a member of your ensemble. Thank you, LaDonna, for the inspiration that makes us grow, and for helping us find our inner performer! We are what we believe we are.... and I believe we rock! Knock 'em dead from the stage, ladies!


Yours, Rachel

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